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All of our meat is cooked to perfection by an experienced pit master for up to 18 hours on a smoker over hickory, oak, cherry and apple wood. Guests can choose if they want their meat served a la carte or on a sandwich, giving customers a range of prices and options to satisfy their BBQ Heart's Desire! 

To complement our meats, we have an array of traditional southern comfort sides such as chili, mac & cheese, BBQ beans, French fries, tots, chips, slaw and more. Be sure to save room for some of Barnett's Baked Goods!

​“We’re extremely passionate about the quality of our food,” says Scott Barnett, owner of SunTan Swine. “Amy and I believe it's reflected in our menu. We have our own proprietary rubs, sauces and recipes that absolutely makes the best BBQ there is. We keep our menu simple to make it customer friendly.  People love BBQ done right, and that's what we bring to the table. Don't just take our word for it, come, and experience it for yourself!” 

To download our current menu, click here.

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